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Photo Courtesy of: John H Hampshire

John H. Hampshire, Inc. from it's early beginnings was a Plaster company.  This artform is a rare trade.  In our plaster shop we are creating cornice, scagolia, column covers, medalions, and more.  We also perform 3 coat flatwork.

We are certified installers of NA Fellert and Pyrok Star Silent Acoustical Plaster Systems.

Gypsum Board and Accessories

Photo Courtesy of: John H Hampshire

Gypsum Board is the preferred finish material in the construction industry and with our professional installation the job will be done right.  We have experience with all kinds of gypsum board assemblies, products, shapes, finishes, reveals, etc.


Metal Framing
Light Gauge and Structural

Photo Courtesy of: John H Hampshire

Our organization specializes in both interior (non-structural) and exterior (cold-formed) metal framing.



Specialties/Rough Carpentry
Furnish and/or Supply

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We offer a wide array of specialty services:
Doors, Frames, Hardware, STC Rated Openings, Acoustical Panels, Rough Carpentry, Wall Protection, Bath Accessories, Bath Partitions, Millwork, Etc.
John H. Hampshire, Inc. is a certified LockMasters installer.
Acoustical Ceiling Systems
Suspension Systems, Ceiling Tile, Integrated, Specialty, Custom 

Photo Courtesy of: Flickr

Photo Courtesy of: Flickr

John H. Hampshire, Inc. has installed millons of square feet of a wide variety of acosutical ceiling systems.  Ranging in size from small closets to large convention centers.



Exterior Insulation Finish Systems
EIFS and Stucco

Photo Courtesy of: Flickr

John H. Hampshire, Inc. is a certified installer of a wide array of EIFS & Stucco finish systems.



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